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Mador & Partners We are an environmentally and nature-conscious practice and we firmly believe that nature must be cherished and valued. Our work does not stand independent of its surroundings but instead in a seamless symbiosis with the natural landscape. We design with and for nature, ensuring wherever possible to use local and natural materials. Our work is timeless and contemporary, designed for the long-term, growing with the context and the individual.

We always work closely with our clients ensuring a personal service that centers each project's occupants and the unique needs of each site. Alongside the practice, our principal, Charles Mador, is growing a conservation project in North Wales: The Ark Snowdonia / Y Arch Eryri. His passion for sustainability and the outdoors, realised in The Ark heavily influences our output as a practice.

Since 2008, the practice has built two of its own developments: Arthog Barns in Snowdonia in Wales and Tremlett Mews in Islington in London. One common thread in our development work is the restoration of beautiful historic buildings for use as contemporary spaces, which are generously designed and built to last.

The Ark/Y Arch Eryi, Snowdonia is a charity established by Charles Mador. The charity seeks to address and reverse environmental landscape degradation with an ecological strategy to dramatically enhance biodiversity. The ethos and values of the charity are representative of those of Mador Architects and there is a mutually informing dialogue between

The club at St. Ives was a complex project, which we were responsible for from inception, through planning and construction to completion. Mador Architects designed the entire complex consisting of the approach road, parking areas, service areas and three separate buildings out of a flat windswept site. We worked closely with a great landscape architect

This 10m project is a landscape regeneration project with water-based resort of 600 units and associated leisure facilities. It is one of the larger projects the practice has handled. The project dramatically improved and enhanced the existing semi-artificial landscape alongside formalising the adhoc temporary buildings on site into a cohesive, well

This project was a Mador development of a pair of semi detached 4-bedroom houses connected with a covered stone stairway spanning the level change from front to rear. The site is adjacent to our development and renovation of the stone long barns at Arthog Hall, a typical vernacular stone architecture of this beautiful part of Northern Wales. The new

We were commissioned to reconsider the entire smallholding site of this lovely 17th century Dorset farmhouse for private clients. This work consisted of the sensitive restoration of the limestone facade which was covered over in cement render in addition to works to restore the roof to a vernacular natural slate throughout. The second phase, a terraced

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