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Like all good Emporiums, Architectural Emporium (AE) is a seller of unique goods. AE brings vigour, creativity and dynamism to projects of all size and type. Not defined by a particular style, each project is treated individually and thorough detailed responses are sought. Architectural Emporium is an award winning RIBA Chartered Practice defined by the varied portfolio and architectural background of its three directors, who offer a wealth of experience in all sectors and work stages.

All capable designers, design tutors and project architects, AE's directors are involved in every scheme and employ an inclusive and collaborative design approach, fostering creative dialogue with clients, the consultant team, contractors and end users.

Although AE's interventions are unique and bespoke to each site and the client's requirements, it is possible to detect some underlying themes common in the portfolio, such as: Simple legible forms; context driven sensitive proposals; Structures and components re-described and recycled; Sustainable and efficient arrangements; Thoughtful and inventive enveloping; innovative use of affordable materials; Consideration of interiors and furniture as integral; Careful and sophisticated detailing.

When we opened Handyman Supermarket, part of the vision was to retain it's character, appearance and name. We recently decided we needed to alter the frontage to open up the facade to deal with the need for greater ventilation. In replacing the windows, we also decided to reimagine the frontage. We have survived the pandemic and now offer a more welcomming

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