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Paul Vonberg Architects is a specialist practice concerned primarily with the alteration and repair of listed historic buildings. We also design contemporary interiors inspired by our work on many historic rooms. We offer a very personal service founded on design sensitivity, common sense and long experience. We direct architectural and interior projects ranging from a few thousand to a few million pounds in value.

Since 1989, Paul Vonberg has been asked to advise on a number of prestigious historic buildings, mostly in Westminster, the City of London and Cambridge. These can be seen on the Project Pages. Many of these projects have involved especially challenging Planning Permissions or Listed Building Consents where our particular skill at preparing and marshalling arguments seems to have brought considerable success in unpromising circumstances.

In recent years, an increasing number of clients have also asked us to design major alterations to their homes, sensing, perhaps, that the levels of thought, experience and care which are needed in working on a Grade 1 Listed building will actually serve their needs well too.

The Old Kitchens had hardly changed in size or location since they served the Benedictine Nunnery of St Radegund in the Twelfth Century. At that time, it is thought that meals for perhaps thirty mouths were required each day. The numbers increased a little when the buildings were converted to become Jesus College in 1496, and, by 2020, the Kitchens

The Porters' Lodge was completed as expected in the Summer of 2019 and is now in full use by Fellows, students and the Porters themselves. It's early days but initial reactions have been positive, especially to the Post Room where, as is evident from the photograph, 'snail mail' is far from redundant. During the 15 month construction period, it was

Rather than creating a new dwelling which is essentially an object placed on the land, might it not be possible to create a new dwelling whose primary formal role is to engage with the land, connecting with adjacent hedges, ditches, trees, walls, footpaths, meadows and with the topography in order to create places around the new dwelling? Sensing that

Phase 2 comprises a Guest Bathroom and a Travel Planning Room. The client typically takes three hundred flights a year, for both business and in pursuit of the world's best opera, and likes to plan every trip himself. The bespoke room from which he can now do this in comfort is a much more intense space than the Conversation Room created in 2010; although

Computer generated visuals can be a splendid means of communicating a proposal. This entrance is currently dark and entirely lacking in timber, and will remain so until our design is built. As with all our work, the aim is not to 'prettify' but to make a place where before there was only a space. At certain times of the day and year, the sun falls on

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