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We discover spaces that are lost, details that are missing and delight in mixing the new with the old. We are at our happiest when we have breathed fresh life into some forgotten under-utilised space, rescued a lovely old piece of furniture or simply found a new material to incorporate into a build. Great design is about a million little things coming together to turn a simple space into something special.

For us, old and new work as dynamically together as light and dark, solid and void, line and form and lost and found. Finding the ideal balance between these is what we do best. As architects, we believe in designing beautiful environments, which add long term value. We like to start with the mindset 'maximising the potential of the existing' rather than starting completely afresh.

Our approach is inherently sustainable. We are always looking to retain, refresh and restore what is there and throw away as little as possible. Each and every project is unique and lost and found relish the challenge of creating solutions which compliment and add value to your home.

By carefully considering every aspect of the design, we create exceptionally beautiful, well-designed, functional homes which are unique. Ours is not a one fits all approach, but a carefully considered bespoke design maximising the space, light, functionality and impact of a home. Using an architect will help maximise the investment in a home and is

Our kitchens are designed to maximise space, be highly functional and efficient and look good. Lots of thought goes into planning a layout which not only works practically but which considers and compliments the look and feel of the home. There is also a lot to think about when it comes to the style and finish of a kitchen: wall colours, kitchen units

Lost and found architects offer a dedicated interiors service, providing as much design guidance and support as needed. Working to a budget, we design and deliver fresh and vibrant interiors with space saving ideas which reflects your style and personality. If you are really short of time, we can even find you some interesting pieces of furniture or

Our aim is to provide a flexible service. When we visit we'll talk through our architect and design services and consider how to best help. Lost and Found Architects design, detail, specify and manage projects: submit and obtain all the appropriate planning and building control approvals, co-ordinate competitive tenders and oversee on-site builds. Or

We are not a dedicated garden landscape or garden design company. But we are designing more spaces out in the open and bringing more gardens inside across Kingston, Surrey and South West London. Recent design briefs include garden studios, landscaping and creating perfect, alfresco dinning spaces - building in shelter for those sunny days and a little

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