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Art Hand Architecture When it is said that a building design is only as good as the brief, it is in recognition of the central role that the client undertakes through the design process. After all, it is the client who will be the final judge when considering the success of the completed project.

A building cannot be designed in isolation, as there will always be unique considerations that are different with each project; whether it is the physical constraints and opportunities of the site, the budget, the available technologies and building materials, or the aspirations of the client.In this respect the best buildings will always be personal, providing the client with a bespoke and individual design response, and an inspirational environment in which to live.

In the final analysis, the measure of a truly successful building design will be the extent to which it exceeds all of the client's expectations. At Art Hand Architectural Design Consultancy we believe that a good building design will be functional and fit for purpose, but that a truly great building design will be one that delivers to more than simple practical needs.

Discuss the client's requirements; assess these and give general advice on how to proceed. Carry out such preparatory work as may be necessary to determine the feasibility of the client's requirements. Prepare outline proposal and develop a scheme design; prepare a cost estimate; where applicable give an indication of possible start and completion dates

At Art Hand we have discovered that the design of great buildings is rarely if ever the result of the endeavour of a single individual, but instead is the product a talented team effort. The team does not need to be large. Indeed, with appropriate and complimentary skill sets, a relatively small design team is capable of delivering a very large project

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