Toh Shimazaki
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Models (by Drew Hopper and Edem Torsutse) exhibited at deSingel, Antwerp by t-sa led Diploma Unit 8 students from the CASS School of Architecture. Architect Antonino Cardillo's writing on t-sa's Tiverton House features in this months issue of Italian journal Casabella. Our limited edition book, t-sa forum vol.8 'Renewal-Measurement', including writing from Prof. Jonathan Hill, Pierre d'Avoine and Charles Holland has now been published.

Buy online from the AA Bookshop or contact for further details. A review of Takero's lecture at Oxford Brookes University on 23.10.18 has been featured in OSA Magazine. In a recently published essay by Takero entitled 'Renewal - Emotion', the concept of renewal as a practice to engage with the existing fabric of the city is explored.

A transcript between David Levitt and Takero discussing a 2017 screening of Michelangelo Antonioni's 1975 film 'The Passen-gers' at Curzon Bloomsbury has been published. Takero and Summer Islam's Unit 8 students works exploring the theme of theatricality in cities featured in The Cass Summer Show.

Its methodology deeply engages with each character of the specific context and materiality of each project. Context meaning the existing built fabric, its details, city, landscape as well as the stories and the narratives of the client and the inhabitants. Social, cultural, economical and political aspects of the background context also play important

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