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Founded in 2005, Perspective is an art consultancy specialising in the curation of contemporary art collections in a variety of corporate, healthcare, hotel, mixed use, residential and public spaces. Our focus is to provide engaging environments through artistic interventions and creative collaborations. Projects range from the acquisition of one unique piece or commission, to the development and management of an entire collection.

A specific strategy and curatorial programme is developed for each client based on their needs and areas of interest. Our broad international experience enables us to offer exposure to a diverse array of recent graduates, emerging and established contemporary artists. The selection of art in each project often includes a variety of styles and mediums such as ceramics, furniture, glass, light, paintings, photography, prints, sculpture, textiles, video, and environmental art.

Based in London, Kate Sweeney's career in the contemporary art world has spanned over 25 years and includes international experience in a multitude of countries, predominantly within the UK, Europe, USA and Middle East.

A small selection of our art projects are highlighted below, ranging from the acquisition of one unique piece or commission, to the development and management of an entire art collection. Please note, due to the confidential nature of some of our work, we are not always able to share background details about specific projects.

We are delighted to share a selection of short videos, which offer a a glimpse into a few of our commissioning projects. These include a range of site-specific installations in both interior and exterior spaces. Sponsored by ICD Brookfield, the ARTFIVE0 competition in Dubai drew creative talent from across the Middle East region. The winning submission

The artists featured in our 'Artist of the Month' programme have been exhibiting exceptional talent in their careers and we are delighted to share their work with you for possible inclusion in corporate, private or public spaces. For further information and pricing details, please contact us: Based in London, Sophie Smallhorn

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