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Architecture and Design by Donald Millar Architecture: DMa -responds to today's cultural and environmental issues with creative ambition to achieve the highest quality and honest expression for our living places. As a means of achieving successful outcomes a process of analysis is adopted to examine and realise a Client brief set against the practical constraints of construction, legislation and context.

DMa applies experience from many built projects and using common sense, aesthetic judgement and very often innovation and inventiveness to design and realise project inspired by a Client. Design skills and practical knowledge of sustainable and developing technologies are adopted to realise modern architecture. New building design and 21st Century standards of construction are now creating living spaces of high quality and amenity which is a marked contrast to our existing building stock.

The process of creating Architecture is ordered and defined by Work Stages. An Architects Appointment by a client is agreed and recorded using Standard Conditions. At all times there is a legal framework of documentation which is published by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. Contracts are administered using Standard Forms agreed throughout

Please make contact to discuss your project to consider it's context and budget. A concept can be tested against known factors and similar conditions to prove initial feasibility and a realistic appraisal established. After this analysis a formal Agreement can be recorded and a design developed. This Agreement is compliant with both the Architects Registration

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