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AIF Architects Arc-In-Form Architects are Chartered RIBA Architects who specialise in Homes & Houses, from Extensions to Passive Houses. We will discuss your project for about 20 minutes, to understand what your ambitions are, what you are interested in doing and how we might be able to assist you. How can you be sure you have everything in place to maximise the chances of it being on time and on budget?

Our free AIF Planning Guide is packed with useful, general advice on high level options and looks at what your project could be. We will discuss the problems you are looking to solve and the results you would like to get. We will discuss the viability of the project and help you understand the obstacles and how we can help you solve them. We offer a full range of Architectural services, based on the principles of the Royal Institute of British Architects Plan of Work 2013, Stages 1 to 6.

A full range of design, procurement and construction stages or alternatively individual stages to suit your specific requirements and budget.

Working in close harmony with our clients, we create outstanding living and working environments that bring the latest thinking in quality of life, energy efficiencies, and cost effective design and build. We are able to advise on all aspects of a project, and our project management draws on our extensive experience in working through all aspects of

As a specialist in Passivhaus, you can be assured that our designs incorporate the latest in technical, aesthetic and environmental thinking. We deliver high quality, contemporary and sympathetic architectural solutions that enhance the value of a property. Your ideas will be reflected on the finished product without compromise to technical and aesthetic

As a qualified Passivhaus advocate, he brings a refreshing view to our clients projects, ensuring they have the latest thinking in quality of life, economy and design to ensure the finished build is the finest use of space and economy. He extensive experience includes roles in construction as well as design, which enables him to blend his design flair

The Clients family of 5 found that they spent most of their time in the garden and wanted a room which could extend the house into the garden. The space combines the kitchen and indoor play room, which can be played in during the day by the children and become a space for entertainment in the evening and holidays for the parents. The sun enters the

The simple scheme relocates the staircase internally and liberates the ground floor of this 60's house. What was once a cramped front lounge is now a spacious room, which opens onto the dinning area at the back of the house. The new kitchen area makes use of an unused room cut-off from the rest of the house by a converted coal bunker, serving as a toilet

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