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Kamvari Architects Kamvari Architects design philosophy is driven by the pursuit of quality and performance. We believe that our surroundings influence the quality of our lives, sensitive to culture and climatic issues of each region we believe in producing design solutions specific to the context.

We believe in design as a synthesis of different aspects such as structure, ventilation, natural lighting, symbolism, the relationship between the skyline and the streetscape, the way you use and move through spaces and the ability of the space to create memorable places.We understand design as a dynamic process, and therefore use up to date technologies to constantly update and augment our proposals to suit a variation of conditions.

Advanced computation and manufacturing sits at the core of design ethos which allows us to investigate natural phenomena and derive performative qualities to imprint into our designs. We work in a creative and open environment where talented people have the freedom to express their ideas, supported by research institution and other like minded individuals and practises, we are capable of fine tuning our design ideas to reach the best solutions.

Kamvari Architects is a young and talented award winning collective of architects; designers and most importantly thinkers based in London, UK. We have a particular interest in the way people occupy, use and abuse spaces, and are fascinated by the way in which architecture is evolving as a result of new digital tools and manufacturing techniques. The

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