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Town & Country Design Solutions Do you need professional extension plans in and around Leicester for a residential project?. We provided a friendly and professional architectural service for over 25 years our architectural drawing team have a wide range of skills and expertise to share with you and can cover all aspects of architectural plans and design for house extensions or conversions.

We have an excellent working relationship with Local Authority planning departments, building control, structural engineers enabling us to provide the best possible architectural service to all our clients. We offer a fixed fee quotation and have completed hundreds of architectural house plans similar to your requirements. We will have the preliminary architectural drawing plans to you 5-7 days from the survey.

The survey will be within a few of days from your instruction to commence the project. We offer step by step help and advice with all the architectural services we offer, you can then choose how much or how little support you require throughout the whole process.

A sewer is a pipe that serves more than one property. All drainage pipes are now public sewers except where only one property is served by the existing pipe, which is known as a drain. A drain is privately owned and maintained to the property boundary by the home owner, once it crosses the property boundary this pipe becomes the water authority's responsibility

Adding a single or double extension to your home is one of the most popular home improvements, it provides extra space for your family's needs. TCDS offer a complete service of architectural extension plans for your home projects all over Leicestershire, we are an invaluable link between you and your builder, and can add the creative spark needed to

Planning permission is not usually required for attached or integral garage conversions, however specific planning conditions may prevent such a change. This may occur on more recently built properties where a condition is applied to ensure the garage is retained solely for parking of a car. Detached garages may require permission in some circumstances

Whilst providing useful space, a badly designed conservatory can be a huge energy drain for the house as a whole. The key to avoiding this is to separate the conservatory from the rest of the house, so that it can only be accessed via an external door, so that it can then be closed off at night and on cold days. If you want a sun space that is integral

We will help design and create more space, the most popular way of doing this is with a loft conversion a well-executed conversion can boost the value of your home well beyond the amount of money you actually spend on the building work. Planning permission is not often required, as long as it is within the rules for Permitted Development, but all work

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