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Originated in 2014, Francesco Pierazzi Architects is an award winning design led practice with a rapidly growing and diverse catalogue of completed projects in the UK and internationally. Designs to date vary from substantial interior urban refurbishments and remodelling, small extensions, furniture design, exhibitions and international competitions.

Francesco Pierazzi Architects strongly believe that story telling is at the centre of each project. The narrative may derive from the client's brief or surrounding area. The composition is uniquely formed to visually realise and deliver each individual story through the arrangement of spaces, the modulation of light and the interpretation of the materials selected.

Furthermore, our approach to solving the client's needs and ambitions has become a starting point for ongoing research into the rituals of the inhibition of domestic and urban spaces, no matter how seemingly mundane or complex. A sense of movement and dynamism is often found in our projects as we strongly believe that a space with dynamic qualities can enhance people's spirits and contribute to engage with the space.

This project offers the opportunity to revise and refine concepts and principles that FPA had outlined in the design of their house extension project in Surbiton where the project is split into two separate sub-briefs and organized around two distinctive new buildings. The design approach of this MAISONETTE in London NOTTING HILL adopts a phenomenological

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