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Whatever your requirements, we can help. Our small, but experienced team have completed a wide spread of projects over the years. These include housing at all scales from bespoke homes and remodels to eco-housing and specialist homes for the elderly. We also specialise in community projects, commercial and leisure as well as urban design and masterplanning.

We always deliver a comprehensive and personal service. With both design and technical expertise we can assist all the way from inception to completion. Prioritising the health and wellbeing of the inhabitants and visitors of our buildings is at the heart of everything we do. Here are some projects from our portfolio. You will find additional examples on our Portfolio page.

You can also find additional information under our Client Types pages Individual, Commercial and Charity. If you would like to find out more about what we do and discuss a potential project please get in touch.

CEAD Architects is headed by Roger Maier, a registered Architect with 20 years' professional experience. He studied architecture in South Africa, at the Architectural Association in London and at Newcastle University, where he obtained an MA in Urban Design. He has completed projects across a range of sectors including housing, master-planning, commercial

Commissioning a building project is a big decision that involves committing a considerable sum of money. It is essential that you get it right and get the most out of the process. You want to have a team on your side that understands your needs and effectively translates these into your finished building. All this needs to be done to your timescale

We understand that as a charity a new facility, or enhancement of your existing one, is the biggest single expenditure you may make in a decade or more. Often it is also a crucial move to ensure long-term financial sustainability. With such an important decision it is vital that it turns out right. We have a proven track record of projects in this sector

We understand that key to commercial clients is an in-depth understanding of the market and the sensitivities in which it operates. Very few architecture practices cover all spheres of commercial operation and will tend to specialise. Our practice is no different. This covers the full spectrum of service from initial capacity studies, masterplanning

We spend time up front to interpret your needs and aspirations before the sketching even begins. When it comes to our service for personal clients we take our lead from you. Our job is to create solutions that will satisfy all your requirements and meet your budget. But beyond this, we strive on every project to give you something extra that lifts it

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