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Oobe We are award winning landscape architects that deliver beautiful inspirational and relevant design, on time, within budget and at the highest quality, making it easier for our clients. We provide nature driven solutions to tackle pressing environmental concerns such as flooding; and design resilient landscapes that are flexible and adaptable enabling future growth and change.

All of our projects are delivered within a BIM environment. With a team of strategic and technical experts we also offer BIM consultancy, a service to help you to understand and deliver your own successful BIM projects.

We offer a range of services relating to landscape architecture including BIM consultancy, urban design and masterplanning. Based in Newcastle, London and Glasgow, we are an innovative organisation that is committed to bringing high quality and beautiful landscape architecture to our client's projects. Our in-house team of experts have a great mix of

Find out how having BIM at the heart of all of our projects provides value to all of our clients. As landscape architects we work behind the scenes supporting many clients such as architects, contractors, property developers and project managers to deliver designs that delight all stakeholders involved - not only visually but also by enhancing the environment

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