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The General Architecture The General Architecture Company is Matthew Parr and Kevin Fellows. We are a young company, hard working, ambitious and passionate about architecture, the places where we live, and the spaces in which we work. We believe that great, sensitive and thoughtful architecture can have a positive impact on the way we live our lives. We are passionate about maximising the potential of your home, office or community space.

With over 200 projects in our portfolio we have a wealth of experience to draw on to turn your initial thoughts and ideas in to an exciting and achievable project. We deliver an imaginative, engaging, friendly and professional approach to architecture, and provide a hands on service that can make your ideas a reality. The General Architecture Company Ltd. is a registered company no: 8018493 and carries Professional Indemnity Insurance as required by the ARB.

During this time he has worked on a number of projects and has experience in designing and delivering projects across the residential, community, health and commercial sectors.

A successful project comes from a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, the things that you like, and how much you want to spend. Understanding your aspirations allows us to suggest the right approach. You will be looking to us for inspiration about new possibilities and ideas about what can be achieved. Our skill lies in combining your aspirations

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