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At Marsh Grochowski, we offer high quality and professional architectural services throughout Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and the surrounding areas. We specialise in contemporary, modern design, always with a low environmental impact. We are accredited architects and have experience across a wide variety of project types in the residential, cultural and education sectors.

Our architectural services range from bespoke eco houses, to green urban developments, through to primary schools and university facilities. Our architects are all highly skilled and experienced, meaning that when you choose us to design your building; you are working alongside industry specialists who know how to get you the best results and value.

At our Nottingham Architects practice, we have the expertise and equipment to deliver highly detailed designs. Since establishing in 1985 we have been constantly developing our architectural services and have been taking advantage of new technologies, such as 2D and 3D CAD modelling, therefore allowing our team to deliver the best possible service to every client.

Based in Nottingham, Marsh:Grochowski Architects has been practising since 1985 with work across multiple building sectors and different locations around the UK. All our schemes have a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and look to minimise their impact through the use of 'passive' design techniques such as maximising natural light, high

Above are a collection of educational projects completed by Marsh Grochowski Architects over the years. We have built multiple large education buildings for universities across Nottinghamshire. Our comprehensive design skills has allowed us to provide architectural services that meets the needs of the evolving education sector. If you require highly

Above are a collection of multiple use buildings and Theatres that Marsh Grochowski Architects have completed, the location of the projects have varied from Nottingham to Rotherham. We have the skills and experience to deliver on our clients needs and have undertaken both small and large architectural projects in Nottingham, Leicester and further afield

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