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Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture The seeds for my future were planted seventy years ago in northern Italy, when my grandfather opened a nursery and shop in Trieste, selling vegetables, garden tools and seeds. Many people don't properly appreciate plants until they are adult, but my love and understanding dates from a childhood spent following my grandfather around as he worked in the garden and glasshouses, tending plants and sowing seeds.

My parents inherited my grandfather's business and expanded it, soon finding new customers all over Italy and abroad. This is my background, and it's not surprising that I have always loved seeds, and become ever more fascinated by their microscopic beauty and the endless possibilities they offer in the garden. And nor is it surprising that my passion for plants and flowers has led me to where I am now.

I set up Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture ten years ago, inspired by the vision of giving as many people as possible the opportunity to have a beautifully designed garden. I realised this dream, and today we can offer all the design, landscaping and installation services you need to transform your open space into a wonderful garden.

Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture (SMLA) will oversee the design and construction of your new garden from start to finish. The starting point for any new project is a site visit. This is our opportunity to explore your vision for the site. Perhaps you need space for your children to play outdoors? Or maybe you want a serene space where you can

We create peaceful, harmonious and uncluttered gardens by selecting only a few hard-landscaping materials and combining them with a restricted palette of unusual but reliable plants. We always include some surprises in our planting plans. Plants are at the heart of the Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture design process. And because we love them and

Evermore sophisticated technology makes it easy for us to work with international clients. We begin the process with a remote consultation to view the site and gain an understanding of the scope of the potential project. Then we outline the design and propose an implementation plan. If the project goes ahead, you can be certain to see us on site at

Our Instagram page offers a glimpse into our lives at Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture. It is a collective, visual diary of how we work and where we take inspiration from the colours and textures of the world around us. Now you can see our projects in construction, follow progress in our gardens through the seasons, see us working in the office

Here at the studio we are using a series of short films to add an exciting new layer to the design process. The films are an invitation to explore. They entice the viewer ever deeper into the garden, penetrate its hidden corners and pause over tiny details of the design. I worked in the gardens over a period of time to make films that would demonstrate

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