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The stuff of life makes us hum. Ullmayer Sylvester Architects are a design-led architectural studio. We incorporated in 2005 following our participation in a collaborative custombuild housing project in North London. Since then we have created fine, handcrafted projects, which have been widely published and which won an accolade of national and international awards including two RIBA Awards, a Wood Award and Hackney Design Awards.

As a studio question and re-invent typologies with enthusiasm and a sense of optimism. We never see spaces in isolation, but as part of a larger collection of rooms and spaces and set within a wider context. As such have have developed an ability to make the smallest spaces feel generous and special and make them work at many levels. As a practice we engage in domestic, custombuild but also niche urban and community context to make high quality, beautiful projects and environments.

We work closely with our consultants and with our contractors through every step of the design and construction process to deliver both cost effective and elegant designs.

Construction projects are typically delivered in a series of work stages, which allow the design to be developed, tested and built - from developing the project brief with your architect to moving back in. Our process is based on the RIBA work stages, which we then tailor around each client and their specific requirements. Where possible we enjoy seeing

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