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Montage Montage is a long established company that provides 3D architectural visualisation and fly-through animations for the property sector. Work is commissioned by designers, architects, developers, agents and planning consultants to help communicate and market their ideas. View our Client List. With offices in central Exeter, and benefitting from the city's high speed links to London, Bristol and Birmingham, Montage operates both at a regional and national level.

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CGIs form the bulk of our work. They are images where the subject matter and the environment can be completely created within the computer. This is useful when little or no information is available on the surrounding area. Information on the building usually comes in the form of CAD drawings. These can be stripped down and imported into the computer

To create photomontages a 3D computer model of the building is constructed, but rather than placed into an artificial environment, the model can be superimposed into a photograph of the proposed site to make a photo-realistic visualisation. Making a note of the time and location of the camera, the angle and lighting of the photograph can be replicated

Architectural fly-through and walk-through animations can be created using the same 3D models that are constructed for the CGIs. They offer the viewer a virtual tour showing the internal and external aspects of the proposed scheme. Through consultation with the client and design team, all the desired points of the scheme are listed. A storyboard or

Photo editing is usually provided when the building already exists but requires altering in some way. It may be from as simple as adding a few people or putting up a new sign, through to changing the interiors or a complete facelift for a photorealistic finish. Work on the original photograph can also be undertaken to provide better lighting, colour

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