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Hilton Barnfield Architects We are proud to be a RIBA Chartered Practice of architects in Exeter. Chartered Practices are the only architectural practices endorsed and promoted by the RIBA, through commitments to quality assurance, business management and client service. Now that our project in Devon is complete we would like to thank you for all your work. We really love the design and your project management removed the tension from what became for us a major alteration.

Award winning Architects in Devon, our recent awards include '2019 DHBT Conservation Awards Commendation', '2017 Exeter Living Creative Business of the Year', '2016 RIBA SW Awards Shortlist'.

Hilton Barnfield Architects is an award winning local team of Architects in Devon delivering a highly personal, creative and professional service. We take projects from inception to completion, guiding our clients through the journey and helping to minimise the strains of a construction project. Hilton Barnfield Architects is an award winning local

Extending your home to create space is cheaper than moving, but getting the most from your space may require an architect. A home extension can be anything from a small addition (providing one or two extra rooms) to a big project that completely transforms your home, either way, an architect is the best placed person to offer design advice. Often people

We're pleased to announce that Hilton Barnfield Architects in collaboration with DHUD have been selected by the RIBA to undertake a commission for an illustrated strategy for a car-free Greater Exeter. We are delighted to be awarded this commission and we look forward to working with the local authority and the RIBA to demonstrate exemplary place-making

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