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Avci Selcuk Avci and Sanja Jurca Avci established Avci Architects in London in 1989. In its first year, the practice won the top prize in the European Union biannual Energy Efficient Buildings Competition, a culmination of years of experience in sustainability, which set the tone for the direction of the practice. Although the practice specializes in many sectors in terms of programme, sustainability has become an underlying driving ethos, from the scale of regional masterplanning down to the design of a single product.

Avci Architects has designed projects in the UK as well as in Italy, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and more recently in Turkey. Currently active projects include commercial and institutional offices, retail centres, private residential developments, and educational and cultural buildings including exhibitions and museums.

At AVCIARCHITECTS, we have always considered ourselves as being located in the world as opposed to a single country. Our studios take on this multicultural aspect in the composition of their staff and also in their design approach. Our design philosophy is based on an inclusive thought process and our relationships with the world's best doers and thinkers

AVCI+ is a division of AVCIARCHITECTS devoted to projects where the narrative takes the lead: museum exhibitions and theatre productions. With clients ranging from National Museums to a small local factory, from Royal Shakespeare Company to jazz concerts, AVCI+, led by Sanja Jurca Avci, takes pleasure in discovering the best spatial solution for every

AVCIARCHITECTS began its life with the 1st Prize-winning 'Working in the City' competition in 1989. It was the first competition that the practice entered and clearly winning first prize made us think we were doing something right. Since then the practice has made an effort to enter competitions, and has been awarded a number of prizes. The most recent

AVCI architects has been featured in publications internationally. To view an article, please select from the gallery below. If you are interested in featuring AVCI architects in a publication, please contact us at info@avciarchitects.com for further details. Seluk Avc's Interpretation For an Environmentally Sensitive Life Featured in Elle Decoration

Avci Architects was established in 1989, by Selcuk Avci and with offices in London and Istanbul. The practice has always placed collaborative working at the top of their agenda, its founder being nurtured deeply in the ethos of integrated design teamwork. The creative process of every project is a shared experience amongst its team members, clients

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