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Acre Architectural Design The houses that we get to work on are often beautiful Victorian properties. It's amazing, and humbling, to see the job that Victorian architects did, with the materials and instruments they had. Find out more about how we redesign older buildings to make them fit for modern life on our Guide to Building projects. A lot of pieces have to come together, to get you to that moment when you walk into your newly refurbished home.

Every project is different, but it all has the same goal. Our job is to get you to that moment as quickly as possible. You can't buy your dream home. You need to create it. And we'll be with you every step of the way, right until the point when you open the door. Acre Design has gathered a team of exceptional design professionals together. We are equipped with the most cutting-edge software tools to create the home that matches your vision.

We use the latest 3D imaging software to give you a real sense of the home you are creating. But your home isn't just for looking at - it's for living in.

Tyne and Wear local authorities have produced a validation checklist for planning applications. This lists the information that you as an applicant is required to submit in order for the local authority to be able to make a decision. It is important to say that these are rarely requested for domestic applications, they are mainly needed for larger developments

Improving the property you already have is often a more affordable and appealing route when compared to the cost of moving home (estate agent and solicitor's fees, house movers, stamp duty etc. all tally up). Maximising your property's potential with a well-designed house extension will transform your life-style - creating a living space which truly

If adding a lot of space and increasing your property's value is your focus, a two storey extension is a cost-effective solution. Whether you want to add a stunning master bedroom with en-suite, extra rooms for your growing family, a luxuriously spacious kitchen, living and dining area or even an office space, the possibilities are endless. Love where

Acre Design is a dynamic, collaborative practice driven by creativity. For the right candidate, we are always open to expanding our Architectural Design Team. Please use the contact form to strike up a conversation with us about how you could become a valued part of our expanding team of creatives. Alternatively, send your CV to

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